Evaluation and recommendation for what is live from a design and copy perspective.

Online business redesigned: Resumey.pro
An app that converts from markup to lovely designed Resumes


Finding #1: Headline and Graphic

Score: 5 | Impact: High — 3 | Effort: Medium — 2

Headline is too high in the hierarchy of needs at this point.

I understand that the intention was to inspire with a WHY behind having a great Resume. Its too early in the content flow to do that. People need to get what are you offering first (hooked) and then bring it home with inspirational reasons.


From my side its a lost opportunity to reveal your great product. People might not scroll down to see how it actually works. Seems its just for decoration purposes (nice animation illustrated )

Finding #2: Subheadline

Score: 4 | Impact: Medium — 2 | Effort: Medium — 2

Great one. Love the usage of data and motivator to use your product. Would have to look into how to integrate it in new design. Maybe not as subheadline so it flows better.

Finding #3: CTA

Score: 5 | Impact: High — 3 | Effort: Medium — 2

Great Call to action. Would attached some sort of textual objections from users.

Like "It"s dead simple" or "Choose from amazing templates that match your style" etc.

Finding #4: Section 1

Score: 6 | Impact: High — 3 | Effort: Low — 3

Id like to challenge the reason of this section. Especially at such a crucial point in the flow—first after hero.

I would move the social proof here for sure.

Finding #5: Section 2

Score: 3 | Impact: Medium — 2 | Effort: High — 1

Great one as it describes the product in more detail.

Again I would actually show your product instead of an abstract illustration.

You might change or add some new templates so will not be in sync?
Its a smaller problem than being too abstract

Finding #6: Section 3

Score: 3 | Impact: Medium — 2 | Effort: High — 1

These steps are amazing. This is what your product does and its great.

markdown -> beautiful templates

Finding #7: Social Proof

Score: 6 | Impact: High — 3 | Effort: Low — 3

This is awesome. It's too down in the content flow. Should be at the top.

Carousel should be removed. Show 2-3 best feedback you received. Add a modal popup if you HAVE TO show all reviews. Or randomize them with a script but show only 2-3 and keep it short

Finding #8: Why section

Score: 3 | Impact: Medium — 2 | Effort: High — 1

This section can be shown in 2/3 columns imo. The title can be shorter.

Also imo you don't have to overdo with convincing. people get your value prop from SEEING your product

Finding #9: Configurator section

Score: 2 | Impact: Low — 1 | Effort: High — 1

This is cool. Not sure on the ethics of it though tbh. Kind of a stretch how CVs are connected to salary vs negotiation etc.

Finding #10: Pricing

Score: 4 | Impact: Medium — 2 | Effort: Medium — 2

Layout on this one can be improved. Looks a little confusing at first glance

Finding #11: Footer

Score: 5 | Impact: Medium — 2 | Effort: Low — 3

2 bg colors for footer but overall is good.

I would use the same text for the CTA. Create my resume

Finding #12: Navbar

Score: 4 | Impact: Medium — 2 | Effort: Medium — 2

Too many links. Will impact conversion. Leave some for the footer or add as a section.

For example about you -> gives sense that there a real person behind it and not a scam etc.

If some links are anchors on same page and show the scroll movement (even if very fast) people might confuse with new page.

Spacing between links too small. Once we have fewer links should be good.

- Oleg

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